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The Finest Lawn, Turf and Irrigation Services in Adelaide

When it comes to what makes your garden a beautiful addition to your home, using the right lawn and turf, and investing in an effective irrigation system, is just as important as anything else. Better Brick Paving & Landscaping are the number one, trusted choice to help you decide which turf and lawn products will work best with your garden and landscaping projects. We also have everything covered irrigation wise, whether it’s a simple system to water plants and baskets, or a large and complex system for wider outdoor spaces.

The beautiful green, green grass of home!

Better Brick Paving & Landscaping are on hand to discuss all your lawn and turf laying needs, and how to keep everything perfectly irrigated, whatever the size and complexity of the task. We stock many different types of the finest lawn available in Australia including Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, Fine Leaf Kikuyu and Santa Ana Couch. For more detail on exactly what is available, visit our trusted partners at

In addition to the supply of quality turf and lawn, our expert staff can undertake all required work to achieve the highest quality finished product, including the design and implementation of an effective irrigation system. Take a look at our services here:

  • Fresh natural and artificial turf available for next day delivery
  • Turf and lawn cut to your specified designs
  • Premium topsoil supply and installation
  • Initial planning, costing and implementation services

When it comes to turf, lawn and irrigation services for your outdoor space, Better Brick Paving & Landscaping are the highest quality choice available in South Australia. And if you’d like us to come round and take a look at your outdoor space and have a friendly face to face chat about what may be needed in terms of lawn and turf, then our friendly staff are on hand 7 days a week.

Take the first step towards turning your outdoor space dreams into reality and get a no obligation quote TODAY by calling (08) 8327 4445 or enquire online here.

Lawns Gallery

Take a look at our gallery below for great examples of lawn and turf work we have already successfully carried out for our customers throughout Adelaide.